About The Fire Within

About The Fire Within
Joseph Pergolizzi

I love pizza. With NY Italian heritage I just can’t get enough of it. My roots in the pizza making business goes back to making cob and fire brick ovens on an educational farm in New York. These wood fired ovens were used to bake bread for the community. After the head farmer went home on Fridays, we would make some pizza dough and bake pizzas for our friends and families. I then realized how much fun it would be to make wood-fired pizza at festivals and events.
5 years ago I was working in a local wood fired oven bakery. I began researching the oven I was using and met with James Bairey with Forno Bravo. Luck came when we found the locally owned and family operated Maxey Manufacturing. Since then we have traveled and baked pizzas at folk festivals, culinary events, local sporting events and county fairs, meeting great people and making good food.
We consider ourselves partners with each and every one of our clients. We now have over 50 catering clients across the country and now we’ve expanded into making outdoor custom pizzerias for private event centers and corporations such as Apple Computers. In addition, we’ve added a new branch of The Fire Within where we help existing future restaurant owners purchase and install wood fired ovens.

We understand the investment of time and money and strive to help you make the smoothest and quickest transition from start-up to fire-it-up.”
“Carl Maxey with Maxey Manufacturing
Carl Maxey was born and raised in Northern Colorado.  He is married to Marla and the father of Clayton and Caleb. He is a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Agricultural Business.
Carl is the General Manager and Treasurer of Maxey Companies, Inc. based in Fort Collins, CO.  He is also the Owner of Maxey Land and Farming Transportation, and the Managing Partner in Maxey Land and Farming LLC, and Maxey Urben Maxey LLC.
Carl has drawn upon a lifetime of experience in his work.  From work as the Director of Safety and a professional driver, farm labor, welder, fabricator, equipment mechanic, and tow truck driver, each of these job opportunities provided him with life experiences to assist in the development of many designs and engineered solutions for the customers his companies serve.
Carl has served as President National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, Chairman of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, Chairman of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, President of the Fort Collins Jaycees, President of the Foothills Gateway Foundation, and an active leader in his Church and many other civic organizations in Larimer County.
His Interests and Hobbies include Golf, skiing, hunting, farm and ranch related activities.
“Brian Scott
Brian Scott Owner of Bighorn Masonry and Chimney Inc. and founder/owner of Stonescapes Custom Stone Masonry LLC. has brought and provided his masonry expertise to Boulder County Colorado and its surrounding areas for the past 15 years.
With his formal training and experience in various types of masonry applications he has developed many specialties that require a high level of unique design and customization. Among these specialties, he has developed a passion for Old World wood fired ovens and various types of masonry fireplace construction.
Through his extensive training and experience in structural fireplaces, ovens, and refractory  mortars, he has found himself on many unique design/build projects. These experiences have made him a perfect match for The Fire Within LLC. and has creatively collaborated in the structural and aesthetic design components required to build its quality ovens. Brian has built trailer ovens for The Fire Within since its conception in 2005 and is committed to the further development and production of its wood fired ovens for many years to come.
Brian also in the owner and farmer of “The 63rd St. Farm.” A 5 acre organic farm dedicated to growing and supplying Boulder county with some of the finest produce. The Farm is a host to educational programs as well as woodfired oven demonstrations and workshops.
“James Bairey with Forno Bravo
We became fascinated with brick pizza ovens years ago. After experimenting with pizza stones and quarry tiles in our electric oven, we decided to build an outdoor brick oven at our home in the California wine country. Construction was challenging, and the oven design itself had many flaws. That first oven changed the way we cooked and entertained. We built a second oven in our kitchen, installed pizza ovens at our home in Italy, and several for friends and family in Europe. We were hooked, and we wanted to share our expertise with others. After long careers as entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, we were ready for something new — and old.
Today, Forno Bravo is a global leader in residential and commercial pizza ovens. We have cultivated relationships with Italy’s premier pizza oven, pizza ingredient, and oven accessory producers, and built partnerships with world-class brick oven experts, installers and masons.
We enjoy bringing the pleasure of these wonderful ovens to a far wider range of families, chefs and restaurants. We see education as an important part of our mission. The wood-fired brick oven evokes a time when life was a little slower, and perhaps the food was a little better. It allows us to enjoy a style of cooking that is both authentic, yet capable of producing the best food in the world. After all, there is only one way to make an authentic Italian pizza, and that is with a wood-fired oven.
We look forward to helping you enjoy the experience of wood-fired brick oven cooking, and bringing wood-fired cooking to restaurants around the world.
fornobravo.com ”
Mallory Kates 
Owner of Ciao foods and marketing mastermind
Debi Baydush 
Business Visionary”

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The Fire Within Pizza Cary & Lillian, the masterminds behind one of my favorite pizza bogs, Passion 4 Pizza, came to visit me here in Boulder, CO. Check out what they had to say about it! Here’s a slice: “pizza is about feeding people and being part of a cycle that starts with a grain and sustains a community and has no end.” P.S. I highly recommend keeping up on their blog.


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On this edition of Ask The Experts, hear Joseph Pergolizzi, founder of The Fire Within, in Boulder, Colorado, a company which manufactures wood-fired oven trailers and offers wood-fired oven education. Hear how this pizzaiolo helps caterers expand their horizons.


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